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2007, September 16th Chatlog: 2nd Pre-GoMe Meeting

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Origional forum thread can be found here: http://mystonline.com/forums/viewtopic.php?t=12624

(09/16 01:06:00) Relayer Corps: I hope after this meeting, we will all have a better understanding as where we each stand on the Guild of Messengers issue.
(09/16 01:06:46) Relayer Corps: First, I need to know who is moderating tonight?
(09/16 01:06:51) [Moderator]moirajane: I am
(09/16 01:06:56) Relayer Corps: ok. Ty MJ
(09/16 01:06:56) [Moderator]moirajane: and Lfus
(09/16 01:07:16) Relayer Corps: Who do we send "question" to?
(09/16 01:07:17) [Moderator]Zedra: I'm just a backup, he he
(09/16 01:07:23) Relayer Corps: lol thanks Z
(09/16 01:08:06) Old Watashi Thinks GoM should hire Relayers as consultants
(09/16 01:08:13) Relayer Corps: rofl
(09/16 01:08:26) Lady Chaos thought that was understood.
(09/16 01:08:27) Relayer Corps: MJ? Are you keeping the question list?
(09/16 01:08:32) [Moderator] Lfus: Moirajane will be taking the pm with the word question and I will be announcing that bad when your turn is
(09/16 01:08:38) Relayer Corps: At this point, nothing is understood
(09/16 01:08:45) Relayer Corps: kk ty
(09/16 01:09:22) Relayer Corps: I want to start this meeting out by giving everyone a chance to voice what they would like to see the GOM become
(09/16 01:09:43) [Moderator] Lfus: If you have a question, plese pm moirajane with the word question, and this will get you in the que
(09/16 01:09:47) Relayer Corps: I want everyone to have a chance to explain without interuption.
(09/16 01:10:09) Ruby O'Degee: Oops
(09/16 01:10:09) Relayer Corps: After they are done explaining, we will open for questions or comments.
(09/16 01:10:28) Sam Byard: not really a question.. who will speak ? :S
(09/16 01:10:34) Sam Byard: in what order..
(09/16 01:10:49) Relayer Corps: I will start at the top of my list.
(09/16 01:10:57) Relayer Corps: That means, Ruby is up first.
(09/16 01:11:01) [Relayer] Kerryth: How do we get a turn to give our vision of the GoM? Same way?
(09/16 01:11:13) Relayer Corps: I will call everyone in turn
(09/16 01:11:25) Ruby O'Degee: why me?
(09/16 01:11:31) Thend: lol
(09/16 01:11:41) Relayer Corps: You are at the top of my list.
(09/16 01:11:43) Ruby O'Degee: r is after a
(09/16 01:11:47) Relayer Corps: Age playwers chat list. lol
(09/16 01:11:48) d'ni everything: eep
(09/16 01:11:51) Ruby O'Degee: Oh, ok then
(09/16 01:12:02) Relayer Corps: lol sorry I didn't explain that very well
(09/16 01:12:24) Ruby O'Degee: i would like to suggest that everyone who is interested be allowed to join the GOM, we will need everyone we can get to get out the news
(09/16 01:13:37) [KrYaXx]: Guild of Maintaners right?
(09/16 01:13:52) Sam Byard: this meeting is for the guild of messengers
(09/16 01:14:00) [KrYaXx]: ooo
(09/16 01:14:02) [KrYaXx]: ty
(09/16 01:14:16) d'ni everything: O-o
(09/16 01:14:59) Relayer Corps: Ruby, if you could let us know when your done please.
(09/16 01:15:11) Relayer Corps: Then we will know when to open for questions
(09/16 01:15:38) Ruby O'Degee: oh gosh, right now that is all I have to say. It is a lot along with I don't think we need a council
(09/16 01:15:52) [Moderator] Lfus: Lady Chaos is up
(09/16 01:15:58) Sonseeharay: i think you should turn your relayer corps into the messenger guild as you already habve many members and that could be jsut one part of the guild
(09/16 01:16:02) d'ni everything claps her hands
(09/16 01:16:12) [Moderator] Lfus: (Please have your questions pretyed in)
(09/16 01:16:26) [KrYaXx]: have alist of all guild abrivations so one will learn the guild abrivations faster
(09/16 01:16:56) Relayer Corps: ok, can we keep the questions limited to what Ruby had to say for now please.
(09/16 01:17:09) ireenquench is confused as to why we should do the question thing yet, arent we still collecting?
(09/16 01:17:35) [Moderator] Lfus: Who has a question for Ruby, plese pm moirajane with the word question
(09/16 01:17:39) Relayer Corps: I would like questions and comments on what the current speaker has to say. There will be time at the end of the meeting for any last comments.
(09/16 01:18:10) Relayer Corps: MJ, if you get none, please let me know and I will call the next speaker
(09/16 01:18:17) [Moderator] Lfus: Sorry about the confusion...
(09/16 01:18:39) [Moderator]moirajane: No one has questions for Ruby
(09/16 01:18:41) [Moderator] Lfus: If you have a question for Ruby please PM Moirajane with the word Question...
(09/16 01:18:50) Sam Byard: Ok Ruby, you are saying that all the exploreres will take part in delivering news as part of the Guild of messengers ? where does that leave all the organisations that are already giving out news ? if the guild of messengers has anyone and everyone giving out their own news as an "official guild of messengers" then I forsee all organisations getting the boot, how do you counter this ?
(09/16 01:19:45) Ruby O'Degee: the orgs won't get any boot. They will do what theu always do
(09/16 01:20:25) Ruby O'Degee: They good reporters will report, and the not so good will find something else to do
(09/16 01:20:37) [Moderator] Lfus: Sam Byard you may have a follow up question
(09/16 01:20:50) Ruby O'Degee: But the gom will need every able bodied explorer
(09/16 01:21:06) Sam Byard: Ok, but if they dont have that "guild of messengers " official stamp on, how will they ever retain any official capacity, they will not have the newer explorers listening and reading their reports as they will go to the "official" source
(09/16 01:21:14) [Moderator] Lfus: Please have your questions pretyped in
(09/16 01:21:20) Ruby O'Degee: Why does ruby keep standing up? I don't wnat her to stand
(09/16 01:21:41) [Moderator]Zedra: rofl
(09/16 01:22:27) [Moderator] Lfus: D-Mom its your turn
(09/16 01:22:35) [Relayer]DMom_2000: Ruby, how do you envision what the Guild will be or should I say, do you see any structure at all to it? How will the various explorers or organizations be able to work together successfully - do you have a model for that?
(09/16 01:22:36) Sam Byard: ruby didn't answer
(09/16 01:23:00) Sam Byard: can i have my answer first :S :)
(09/16 01:23:12) [Relayer]DMom_2000: sorry....
(09/16 01:23:25) [Moderator] Lfus: yes... Sam.. D-Mom's question will be answered after yours
(09/16 01:23:47) Sam Byard: confusing :) i'll trust you
(09/16 01:24:12) Ruby O'Degee: i would give you a long answer but I am having lag issues when I try to type my pontifications
(09/16 01:24:31) Sam Byard: maybe the game is telling you something....
(09/16 01:24:32) Relayer Corps: DMom? Your question please?
(09/16 01:24:45) Lady Chaos: That was uncalled for, Sam.
(09/16 01:24:46) [Relayer]DMom_2000: uh.....do I have to retype that?
(09/16 01:24:54) Old Watashi: lol
(09/16 01:25:02) Sam Byard: I'll hold my tongue
(09/16 01:25:04) Ruby O'Degee: i thought it was kind of funny, but yes silly
(09/16 01:25:08) [Relayer]DMom_2000: well, also no one is required to answer either.......
(09/16 01:25:12) Ruby O'Degee: Now back to decorum
(09/16 01:25:23) Ruby O'Degee: gavel down
(09/16 01:25:27) d'ni everything clears throat
(09/16 01:25:49) Relayer Corps: DMom? What was your question?
(09/16 01:25:53) [Relayer]DMom_2000: Ruby, how do you envision what the Guild will be or should I say, do you see any structure at all to it?
(09/16 01:26:21) [Moderator] Lfus: [KrYaXx] you are up after D-Mom
(09/16 01:26:23) Ruby O'Degee: yes, I do see structure,once there is membership
(09/16 01:26:35) Ruby O'Degee: But now there is no members to speak of
(09/16 01:26:40) Ruby O'Degee: Only supporters
(09/16 01:26:47) [Relayer]DMom_2000: How will the various explorers or organizations be able to work together successfully - do you have a model for that?
(09/16 01:26:51) Ruby O'Degee: And even the supporters could start
(09/16 01:27:08) Ruby O'Degee: But every interested supporter should be allowed to participatge
(09/16 01:27:40) Ruby O'Degee: No, I have no chart. I will wait to see leadership. The leaderswill decided
(09/16 01:28:00) Ruby O'Degee: I want to support good leadership when the time is right
(09/16 01:28:04) [Relayer]DMom_2000: Oh, I am not looking at a chart! I mean how will leadership be decided in your mind?
(09/16 01:28:47) Ruby O'Degee: after the membership is determined the members will know who is doing the work and guiding
(09/16 01:29:04) [Relayer]DMom_2000 thanks you very much!
(09/16 01:29:07) [Moderator]Zedra: Please say 'Next" when you are finished answering a question. Thank you.
(09/16 01:29:10) Ruby O'Degee: I just want to be a member, and may others do too
(09/16 01:29:13) Ruby O'Degee: oops
(09/16 01:29:16) Ruby O'Degee: sorry
(09/16 01:29:19) [Relayer]DMom_2000: lol
(09/16 01:29:36) [Relayer]DMom_2000: I am done if Ruby is...
(09/16 01:29:44) [Moderator] Lfus: [XryaXx] your question please.
(09/16 01:29:50) [KrYaXx]: have the guild of relayers do what they are doing going to each bevin etc, and the guild of messangers are the scouts and reporters of not only news but personal messages taken back a forth, both operating as one. OR have DRC somehow put in like a RSS feed for guild announcments and news from the messangers guild, this could be turned on or off . there is going to have to be a special KI made or a New face plate for it, that will enable your guilds tools and personal chat with only other
(09/16 01:29:53) [KrYaXx]: guild members
(09/16 01:30:29) Sam Byard: isn't that more of an open question to everyone LS
(09/16 01:30:32) Relayer Corps: Kr, do you have a question for Ruby?
(09/16 01:30:34) Sam Byard: :S
(09/16 01:30:38) [Moderator] Lfus: (Relayer Corps your next after [KrYaXx]
(09/16 01:31:46) Relayer Corps: What you said implies that there would only be reporters. What would happen to those of us that do not report traditionally?
(09/16 01:31:59) [KrYaXx]: oganisation is key to structor
(09/16 01:32:09) [Moderator] Lfus: (Sonseeharay you are next after Relayer Corps)
(09/16 01:32:16) [Relayer]DMom_2000: I think poor Ruby is having some problem there.......
(09/16 01:32:17) Relayer Corps: I think Ruby is experiencing technical difficulties
(09/16 01:32:32) Relayer Corps: Let's go to the next speaker
(09/16 01:32:35) [Relayer]DMom_2000: I think she got the mouse is moving her on its own
(09/16 01:32:36) Relayer Corps: DMom?
(09/16 01:32:38) Ruby O'Degee: ruby keeps taking off from the lag. I want her to sit down
(09/16 01:32:47) Relayer Corps: oh, Sorry Ruby
(09/16 01:32:49) [Relayer]DMom_2000: oh I just had a question for Ruby that is all
(09/16 01:33:05) [Relayer]DMom_2000: CTL 7 Ruby
(09/16 01:33:11) Sam Byard: ruby if you wanna relto out i'm sure someone could relay back and forth :S
(09/16 01:33:12) Relayer Corps: Do you have an answer for my questuion?
(09/16 01:33:25) Sam Byard: might work :S
(09/16 01:34:21) Ruby O'Degee: ok, can you all come back to me later, so I can do some switching
(09/16 01:34:22) Relayer Corps: Ruby, What would happen to those of us that don't report traditionally?
(09/16 01:34:29) Relayer Corps: kk. can do
(09/16 01:34:33) Ruby O'Degee: thanks
(09/16 01:34:38) Relayer Corps: DMom, what is your vision for the GOM?
(09/16 01:34:39) Ruby O'Degee: how do I get back in?
(09/16 01:34:43) Ruby O'Degee: is it locked?
(09/16 01:34:48) Anthony: LINK
(09/16 01:34:51) Relayer Corps: I think It is still public
(09/16 01:35:02) Relayer Corps: If not, pm me
(09/16 01:35:08) Romer Openfield: It's public
(09/16 01:35:11) Ruby O'Degee: ok thank you relayer, and of course anthony
(09/16 01:35:15) Relayer Corps: kk ty Romer
(09/16 01:35:17) [Relayer]DMom_2000: oh my vision?
(09/16 01:35:21) [KrYaXx]: wow have alot here
(09/16 01:35:22) Relayer Corps: anytime Ruby
(09/16 01:35:27) Anthony: No Problem ;)
(09/16 01:35:35) Relayer Corps: DMom, what is your vision for the GOM?
(09/16 01:35:56) [Relayer]DMom_2000: Well, I can see the organized groups doing what they do now
(09/16 01:36:10) [Relayer]DMom_2000: but I can also see the independents doing what they do
(09/16 01:36:36) [Relayer]DMom_2000: but somehow, and whether the DRC have a structure in mind or not, we have to find a way to come together
(09/16 01:36:41) [Relayer]DMom_2000: to work with each other
(09/16 01:37:01) [Relayer]DMom_2000: Seeing who is doing the work is one way of picking leadership
(09/16 01:37:21) [Relayer]DMom_2000: letting those who are interested put themselves up for a vote from everyone is another
(09/16 01:37:30) [Moderator] Lfus: (if you have a question for D-Mom, please PM Moirajane with the word question. Thank You)
(09/16 01:37:57) [Relayer]DMom_2000: seems like no matter which way we go someone is going to scream foul....or someone is out for a power play
(09/16 01:38:42) [Relayer]DMom_2000: I think for now we need to continue these type of dicussions and as we do, we will gradually formulate the direction we want to go in
(09/16 01:38:54) [KrYaXx]: we nee to have more particapation so with that a new KI face plate would be something new and entice others to join the guilds to get it lol add that to what i said
(09/16 01:39:05) [Relayer]DMom_2000: then when the DRC tell us how the Guilds will be then we will be better prepared
(09/16 01:39:10) [Relayer]DMom_2000: ok. I am done.
(09/16 01:39:15) Whilyam: Might I suggest something?
(09/16 01:39:33) [Moderator] Lfus: Sam Byard your question please
(09/16 01:39:41) Whilyam: Ah, nevermind. Sorry.
(09/16 01:40:20) [Relayer]DMom_2000 is getting nervous, as Sam types long questions....
(09/16 01:40:36) Sam Byard: Sam just Pmed it by accident
(09/16 01:40:37) Relayer Corps: lol
(09/16 01:40:40) Relayer Corps: He sure does
(09/16 01:40:44) [Relayer]DMom_2000: awwww
(09/16 01:40:48) [Relayer]DMom_2000: poor Sam
(09/16 01:41:18) Sam Byard: Ok, how do you counter the possibility of the more popular explorers simply getting voted for no matter how much work they do ? and also how do you differentiate between and independant and an organisation I dont know any independants
(09/16 01:42:37) Relayer Corps: Just to let those who came in later, I have everyone's... I think everyone's.. name on a list. I will call your name to give your views on the GOM as soon as I get to your name.
(09/16 01:43:01) Sam Byard: I am independant as is Thend, but we both are considered organisations
(09/16 01:43:38) [Moderator] Lfus: No more questions for D-Mom
(09/16 01:43:47) Thend raises his hand as both independent and organized
(09/16 01:43:48) Relayer Corps: Please have you questions pre-typed and PM Moderator Moirajane with the word"question" if you have somwething to say about what the latest speaker has said. ty
(09/16 01:43:53) [KrYaXx] shorah Ae'gura bahro
(09/16 01:44:07) Relayer Corps: Kerryth, You views please?
(09/16 01:44:12) [Relayer] Kerryth: So many people here are already doing wonderful things - without a Guild. My feeling is the Guild needs to ADD opportunity, collaboration, creativity. Not build walls. New people will come and they will have much to contribute. There should be no barriers imposed by any group or Guild. Structures can be fluid and temporary. In fact, they must be, because everyone here has complete freedom. Leadership will not be static: it will come from whoever is doing the hard work and showing up
(09/16 01:44:17) [Relayer] Kerryth: at any given time.
(09/16 01:44:39) [Relayer] Kerryth: That's all I have to say at this time.
(09/16 01:45:04) Relayer Corps: Any questions?
(09/16 01:45:10) [Moderator] Lfus: (If you have a question for Kerryth, please PM Moirajane with the word question
(09/16 01:45:17) [Moderator] Lfus: Thank you
(09/16 01:45:17) [Relayer]Dichromus agrees with Kerryth
(09/16 01:45:28) Reteltee agrees
(09/16 01:45:28) [KrYaXx] claps his hands
(09/16 01:45:42) Relayer Corps: No questions?
(09/16 01:45:46) [Moderator]moirajane: No questions for Kerryth, next speaker
(09/16 01:45:50) [Relayer] Kerryth: Thank you.
(09/16 01:45:53) Relayer Corps: Lady Chaos is next.
(09/16 01:45:53) Sam Byard: i have one !
(09/16 01:45:59) Sam Byard: ok next
(09/16 01:46:00) [Moderator]moirajane: sorry I missed Sam
(09/16 01:46:06) Lady Chaos: Go ahead, Sam.
(09/16 01:46:33) Sam Byard: how do you envisiage an open system letting current organisations not get supserceded by an official guild of messengers using your plan...
(09/16 01:46:34) [Relayer] Kerryth: :)
(09/16 01:47:02) [Relayer] Kerryth: I have no plan. As far as existing organizations, they are free to go on doing what they are doing.
(09/16 01:47:11) [Relayer] Kerryth: How would you stop them??
(09/16 01:47:23) Sam Byard: but if the guild of messengers puts out its own content, the other organisations would lose viewers completely
(09/16 01:47:25) [Relayer] Kerryth: And there is no "Official" guild at this time.
(09/16 01:47:29) [Relayer] Kerryth: Why?
(09/16 01:47:44) Sam Byard: because explorers go to the "official" source
(09/16 01:47:49) [Relayer] Kerryth: The good work will succeed. "Official" does not equal good, necessarily.
(09/16 01:48:01) [KrYaXx]: GOG
(09/16 01:48:02) [Relayer] Kerryth: Exploreres are free to go wherever they choose.
(09/16 01:48:06) Sam Byard: however official often comes from more reliable sources
(09/16 01:48:22) [Relayer] Kerryth: Surface. I rest my case.
(09/16 01:48:27) Sam Byard: and is more accesibly to the newer explorers
(09/16 01:48:44) Relayer Corps: Lady Choas please
(09/16 01:48:45) [Relayer] Kerryth: How so?
(09/16 01:49:00) Sam Byard: if the newer explorers come in, where are they gonna go ? official ? or wherever else happens to be doing a take on the news
(09/16 01:49:12) [Relayer] Kerryth: Wherever they want, Sam.
(09/16 01:49:25) [KrYaXx]: they all goto GoG now
(09/16 01:49:32) [Relayer] Kerryth: Not all.
(09/16 01:49:34) Sam Byard: but i'm implying that they will go official, as they DO go official when they can
(09/16 01:49:45) [Relayer] Kerryth: How do you know?
(09/16 01:50:07) Sam Byard: look at the difference between speculation given by a normal explorer and when reteltee speaks
(09/16 01:50:23) [Relayer] Kerryth: Anyone can listen to Reteltee and pass along what he said.
(09/16 01:50:33) [Relayer] Kerryth: Or listen for themselves.
(09/16 01:50:36) Sam Byard: If i stand and speculate, I might get listened to to a few pple
(09/16 01:50:37) Reteltee: I'm not normal?
(09/16 01:50:42) Reteltee: Why didn't you TELL me this
(09/16 01:50:43) [Relayer] Kerryth: :)
(09/16 01:50:46) Thend starts to laugh
(09/16 01:50:48) Lady Chaos starts to laugh
(09/16 01:50:50) [KrYaXx]: lol
(09/16 01:50:56) Relayer Corps: lol
(09/16 01:50:58) d'ni everything giggles
(09/16 01:51:07) Sam Byard: as reteltee is the most official explorer we have he gets mobbed the minute he breathers
(09/16 01:51:13) Anthony: Releltee you stoped the min the drc talked to you
(09/16 01:51:17) [Relayer] Kerryth: I won't mention any names, but some are doing that, and doing it well..
(09/16 01:51:29) Relayer Corps: Sam, we need to move on, otherwise we will not have time for everyone.
(09/16 01:51:34) [Relayer] Kerryth: OK.
(09/16 01:51:37) Sam Byard: ok :)
(09/16 01:51:38) Relayer Corps: Lady Choas please.
(09/16 01:51:41) Lady Chaos: OK.
(09/16 01:51:42) Relayer Corps: ty
(09/16 01:51:53) Lady Chaos: What I'd like to see the Messengers become is a service organization.
(09/16 01:52:03) Lady Chaos: They'd provide central point of contact for news.
(09/16 01:52:14) Lady Chaos: Set up a Web site or some such, collect videos and events.
(09/16 01:52:26) Lady Chaos: Provide links and be open to letting others help.
(09/16 01:52:28) [Moderator] Lfus: (If you have a question for Lady Chaos, please PM Moirajane with the word question... Thank You)
(09/16 01:52:49) Lady Chaos: I'd also like to see the Messengers provide a training and education service for newcomers, so they could learn how it's done.
(09/16 01:52:49) Sam Byard: As i'm going next I wont ask a question here but I do have them ....
(09/16 01:52:55) Relayer Corps: Are you suggesting the the GOM be purely and out of cavern organization?
(09/16 01:52:57) Relayer Corps: oops
(09/16 01:53:00) Relayer Corps: sorry
(09/16 01:53:15) Relayer Corps: relayers habit
(09/16 01:53:18) Lady Chaos: And finally I'd like them to be a central point for event news.
(09/16 01:53:25) Lady Chaos: Done.
(09/16 01:53:54) [Moderator] Lfus: Relayer Corps you may ask your question
(09/16 01:54:02) Relayer Corps: lol ty
(09/16 01:54:17) Relayer Corps: Do you see the GOM as being a purely out of cavern organization?
(09/16 01:54:24) [Moderator] Lfus: (D-Mom you will be next after Relayer Corps)
(09/16 01:54:38) Lady Chaos: No. They'd have a strong in-cavern presence: distributing news and events info through KI mail.
(09/16 01:54:48) Lady Chaos: Also just going around and talking with people, sharing what they know.
(09/16 01:54:53) Relayer Corps: so, in cavern as well as out of cavern
(09/16 01:54:57) Lady Chaos: Yes.
(09/16 01:55:08) Relayer Corps: kk ty
(09/16 01:55:14) Lady Chaos: Because some things work better out of the cavern, such as news videos.
(09/16 01:55:20) Relayer Corps nods her head
(09/16 01:55:28) jumpingjackflash nods his head
(09/16 01:55:35) Relayer Corps: DMom? your question?
(09/16 01:55:43) [Relayer]DMom_2000: if there is going to be a central collection point, then who is going to organize that?
(09/16 01:56:10) Lady Chaos: The GoM people. Perhaps as part of an extant Web site, or just providing a page of links to the various sources.
(09/16 01:56:20) Sam Byard: The way I see the Guild of messengers workin/reply nah
(09/16 01:56:24) Lady Chaos: We have all these great videos out there that no one can find unless they've been around forever.
(09/16 01:56:38) Lady Chaos: Done.
(09/16 01:56:49) [Moderator] Lfus: There are no more questions for Lady Chaos.
(09/16 01:56:51) Relayer Corps: Sam Byard, your up.
(09/16 01:56:57) Sam Byard: bear with me i had to delete my statement
(09/16 01:57:02) [Relayer]DMom_2000: lol
(09/16 01:57:05) jumpingjackflash claps for Lady Chaos
(09/16 01:57:07) Lady Chaos: OK, folks.. I have to take off... I have a gig to launch.
(09/16 01:57:10) Lady Chaos: Thank you all.
(09/16 01:57:15) Thend: Seeya LC, and thanks
(09/16 01:57:19) [Relayer]DMom_2000 is just hoping I dont crash again....
(09/16 01:57:19) Lady Chaos waves goodbye
(09/16 01:57:21) Relayer Corps: Bye LC.
(09/16 01:57:24) Relayer Corps: Thanks for coming\
(09/16 01:57:29) Lady Chaos: YOu're welcome.
(09/16 01:57:29) [Relayer]DMom_2000: Night LC
(09/16 01:57:31) Lady Chaos bows
(09/16 01:57:31) [Relayer]DMom_2000: Thanks

(09/16 01:57:46) Sam Byard: The way I see the guild of messengers working is this. The guild of messengers will be set up as a conduit for the flow of information from the source to the news organisations that will give the information to the explorers
(09/16 01:57:51) Sam Byard: ...
(09/16 01:58:26) [Moderator] Lfus: (If you have a question for Sam, please PM Moirajane with the word question)
(09/16 01:58:35) Sam Byard: The information will be divided into that from three sources, DRC/Cyan info, other guild info (guild of writers info etc.) and public domain info (from explorers)
(09/16 01:59:03) Sam Byard: this info will be checked by three levels of guild...
(09/16 01:59:13) Sam Byard: the bottom level will check for accuracy
(09/16 01:59:24) Sam Byard: the top two will joint check for legibility
(09/16 01:59:54) Sam Byard: and then the info will be put to a bit info pot (forum etc.) where all member organisations can retrieve the info...
(09/16 02:00:26) Sam Byard: the three levels of guild are as follows
(09/16 02:00:54) Sam Byard: lvl 2, (bottom) any individuals who are accepted into the guilds membership (note the difference from my original model)
(09/16 02:01:18) Sam Byard: lvl 1 and the guild master check for legibility (ease of reading)
(09/16 02:01:53) Sam Byard: the 3 levels of info is given to the three different levels, as follows.
(09/16 02:02:14) Sam Byard: public domain info goes to level 2 where it is checked and given to lvl 1
(09/16 02:02:22) Sam Byard: other guild info is given to level 1
(09/16 02:02:42) Sam Byard: and official DRC/cyan info goes straight to the guild master and out withought much checking
(09/16 02:03:17) Sam Byard: any info that directly affects the guild of messengers is put into a member forum and is discussed and given out as a Guild of messengers announcement..
(09/16 02:03:33) Sam Byard: NOTE: this is the only form of broadcasting the guild of messengers as an organisation will do
(09/16 02:04:27) Sam Byard: this system means that anyone who wants to report news should register as a member organisation to gain the benefit of the information, once accepted they can broadcast
(09/16 02:04:51) Sam Byard: this means ALL explorers have equal officiality in the cavern whilst broadcasting news
(09/16 02:05:36) [KrYaXx]: I was under the assumtion that the messangers who not only delevered messages to anyone, or group also held the News, the reporters, and media as well.
(09/16 02:05:37) Sam Byard: also if they register, they can feed info they collect straight into the guild at level 1 after they have proven they can give accurate information
(09/16 02:06:00) Sam Byard: I think Thats enough from me for now, questions please
(09/16 02:06:15) [Moderator] Lfus: Relayer Corps your question please
(09/16 02:06:17) Relayer Corps: How would you incorperate the individual explorer, into the GOM, who want to be a part of GOM, but not any particualr group in the GOM? And why have 2 levels check for legibility. This sounds like it would take forever just to get the news out, and opens put the chance for censorship. This seems more complicated then it needs to be. Ruby and Tyon, please pm Moirajane.
(09/16 02:06:33) [Moderator] Lfus: (Kerryth you are after Relayer Corps)
(09/16 02:07:00) Relayer Corps: Sorry Ruby and Tyon. I didn't want to loose my train of thought
(09/16 02:07:26) Sam Byard: all levels of information will be accessible to the guild council at level 1 meaning censorship can be prevented by checking the differences between the info at each level.
(09/16 02:07:35) Sam Byard: individual explorers have 2 means of membership
(09/16 02:07:48) [Moderator] Lfus: (Please have your questions pretyped... Thank You)
(09/16 02:07:50) Sam Byard: do you mean reporting explorers or explorers who jsut wanna help
(09/16 02:08:01) Sam Byard: (both are accomadated)
(09/16 02:08:22) Sam Byard: ?
(09/16 02:08:52) Relayer Corps: Explorers who want to help, but aren't sure where or how
(09/16 02:09:18) [KrYaXx]:
(09/16 02:09:29) Sam Byard: explorers that want to post news, register to the guild as an organisation and merely say how they want to report it. this is enough for acceptance
(09/16 02:09:32) Sam Byard: for example
(09/16 02:09:52) Sam Byard: I would register as URU RAdio, a service giving live broadcasting of information
(09/16 02:10:00) Sam Byard: NOTE: I am an individual epxlorer
(09/16 02:10:10) Sam Byard: e.g.2
(09/16 02:10:33) Sam Byard: Thend would register as KI Toons, a service giving comics of cavern events
(09/16 02:10:39) Sam Byard: another individual epxlorer
(09/16 02:10:55) Sam Byard: if an explorer didn't want to report news, they can be accepted into lvl 2 of the guild
(09/16 02:10:58) Sam Byard: next
(09/16 02:11:08) Sam Byard: unless you wanna ask more
(09/16 02:11:10) [Relayer] Kerryth: What mechanism do you propose to compel people to comply with this system and not simply go around it? What would you offer to induce people to comply voluntarily?
(09/16 02:11:31) [Moderator] Lfus: (ireenquench your up after Keryth)
(09/16 02:12:22) [Moderator]moirajane: k :)
(09/16 02:12:23) Sam Byard: no one is forced to join the guild. however if you comply with the guild and its rules you gain the advantage of accurate and official news from all possible cavern sources and having your organisation labelled as "official Guild of messengers "
(09/16 02:12:35) Sam Byard: the rules are not many
(09/16 02:12:37) Sam Byard: :S
(09/16 02:12:57) Sam Byard: its literally, join the guild, you will be given a job, do it :)
(09/16 02:13:05) Sam Byard: dont wanna do the job, dont join
(09/16 02:13:11) Sam Byard: theres nothing to break
(09/16 02:13:16) Sam Byard: hwoever
(09/16 02:13:34) [Relayer] Kerryth: Or do the job AND don't join.
(09/16 02:13:45) [Relayer] Kerryth: I'm just saying people have free choice here.
(09/16 02:13:49) Sam Byard: members putting out info before its got to the info pot is not alowed
(09/16 02:13:59) Sam Byard: yer you can do the job and not join
(09/16 02:14:03) [Relayer] Kerryth: How do you stop them?
(09/16 02:14:15) Sam Byard: stop them putitng out info ?
(09/16 02:14:17) Sam Byard: in that way ?
(09/16 02:14:27) [Relayer] Kerryth: I'm not trying to be contrary. I want to know what mechanism imposes this on people.
(09/16 02:15:04) Sam Byard: well diciplinaries would be decided on a case by case basis as in any guild for instance a Guild of writers member could put secret porn images into a texture, they would be diciplined
(09/16 02:15:25) Sam Byard: a guild of messengers member who put out info before it is verified could face losing access to the info for a a few days etc.
(09/16 02:15:41) [Relayer] Kerryth: How?
(09/16 02:15:53) Sam Byard: suspension from the info forum :)
(09/16 02:15:56) Sam Byard: remember
(09/16 02:16:23) Sam Byard: I doubt this would ever need to be done
(09/16 02:16:28) Relayer Corps: kk ty
(09/16 02:16:44) Sam Byard: but anything listing itself as official needs to make sure the info it is giving out is verified
(09/16 02:16:50) Sam Byard: next
(09/16 02:16:53) [Moderator] Lfus: Ireenquench your question please.
(09/16 02:16:55) ireenquench: Speaking from the perspective of the explorer interested in fresh and pure news, but not wanting to wait for processed and or creative formats, and interested in the original feed so to speak, just wanting to go where the news is, may I peek in the raw info pot?
(09/16 02:17:21) Relayer Corps nods her head
(09/16 02:17:39) Sam Byard: the info pot at the end is a RAW info pot thats all it is however it has been verified as accurate and spellings have been corrected :) thats it
(09/16 02:17:46) Sam Byard: all the porcess does
(09/16 02:18:09) [Moderator] Lfus: (Tyion your question will be next)
(09/16 02:18:10) Sam Byard: is takes the info from the sources and makes sure that you yourself ireen can read it and that your not being given something false
(09/16 02:18:19) Sam Byard: thats all the channels do
(09/16 02:18:57) Sam Byard: (this entire system could work on a platform as simple as a forum)
(09/16 02:19:01) Sam Byard: next
(09/16 02:19:07) [Moderator] Lfus: Tyion your question please.
(09/16 02:19:07) ireenquench: But I can't read the possibly innaccurate versions with typos?
(09/16 02:19:19) Sam Byard: as a member you will have acces to that
(09/16 02:19:28) Sam Byard: however you cant list it as official
(09/16 02:19:37) Sam Byard: it is your own info at that point
(09/16 02:19:42) [Moderator] Lfus: (Abathyr your question will be next)
(09/16 02:19:43) Sam Byard: not guild of messengers info
(09/16 02:19:49) Abathyr: nm
(09/16 02:19:54) ireenquench: I was speaking from the perspective of the consumer
(09/16 02:20:05) Sam Byard: so was i ?
(09/16 02:20:11) Sam Byard: :S
(09/16 02:20:21) Whilyam: A consumer cannot be a member, Sam
(09/16 02:20:27) Sam Byard: oh sorry i understand
(09/16 02:20:34) Sam Byard: wait a mo i'll write my answer
(09/16 02:20:47) Relayer Corps sighs
(09/16 02:20:50) [KrYaXx]: the security , the Modding abilities , the law enforcment etc. what ever you want to call it, will have to be delt with for all guilds but it ties into what sam just said
(09/16 02:21:01) Whilyam: Indeed.
(09/16 02:21:26) Sam Byard: the point of my system is that the info recieved through the guild of messengers by a consumer comes from the organisations member to the guild...
(09/16 02:21:32) [Moderator] Lfus: (Tyion your question is next)
(09/16 02:21:44) Sam Byard: raw info is waht they get but in a verified form
(09/16 02:21:58) Sam Byard: consumers do not get access to anything in the process except what is given out
(09/16 02:22:08) Sam Byard: however what is given out is up to the organisation
(09/16 02:22:09) Whilyam: ireen wants to see the raw info. Will there be a way or not?
(09/16 02:22:31) Sam Byard: not withought compromising the member organisations
(09/16 02:22:46) Sam Byard: for the reason which I stress...
(09/16 02:22:59) Anthony: Well if a group choose to release it in that manyner though they could are sam
(09/16 02:23:00) Whilyam: Right. But that was the answer, no?
(09/16 02:23:12) Sam Byard: the size of your audience is directly proportional to how official the consumer thinks you are
(09/16 02:23:25) Whilyam: raw info will not be given out by the Guild. It is up to the member orgs.
(09/16 02:23:27) Thend shakes his head
(09/16 02:23:41) Sam Byard: they can release it in that manner but it is not official guild of messengers info however that info is already avaliable outside the guild
(09/16 02:23:42) Whilyam: That's correct, right, Sam?
(09/16 02:23:51) [KrYaXx]: Itsn't that what Guild Stamps are used for to officaly state they are officail ? DRC has stamps on alot of the books etc you see around thew cavern why not adobt that
(09/16 02:23:57) Sam Byard: the guild only gives info to member orgs
(09/16 02:24:07) Sam Byard: please line your questions in the queue so i can answer them all
(09/16 02:24:14) ireenquench: Ok,maybe that is a discussion for some other time, maybe specifically that point on a forum. Otherwise this takes too long.
(09/16 02:24:22) Abathyr: agree
(09/16 02:24:27) Whilyam nods his head
(09/16 02:24:30) [Moderator] Lfus: Tyion your question please.
(09/16 02:24:31) Sam Byard: ireen respectfully, isn't this waht we are here to discuss ?
(09/16 02:24:42) Whilyam: Not all night...
(09/16 02:24:43) Sam Byard: ok next
(09/16 02:24:51) [Moderator] Lfus: tyion
(09/16 02:24:57) Sam Byard: i'll talk outside the meeting about anythign i say here whenever you want :)
(09/16 02:25:38) [Moderator] Lfus: (Jumpingjackflash your question is next)
(09/16 02:25:55) jumpingjackflash: you mentioned that explorers join and follow the rules or they dont join... how would members who wont follow rules be dealt with... voted out? will there be a no tolerance rule?
(09/16 02:25:59) [Moderator] Lfus: (please have your questions pretyped in)
(09/16 02:26:13) [Moderator] Lfus: (D-Mom your question is next)
(09/16 02:27:33) [Moderator] Lfus: Sam.. did you get jumping jacks question?
(09/16 02:27:39) Sam Byard: jjf basically there will be diciplinaries in place like in other guilds such as suspension to access of info
(09/16 02:27:52) Sam Byard: all guilds will have diciplinaries
(09/16 02:28:00) jumpingjackflash: how would that be enforced though
(09/16 02:28:17) [KrYaXx]: ...
(09/16 02:28:21) Sam Byard: by the guild master, who I can talk about in more detail if anyone asks :)
(09/16 02:28:35) Sam Byard: and by the voting guild council (lvl 1)
(09/16 02:28:43) jumpingjackflash: ok thx
(09/16 02:28:48) Sam Byard: guild master will only be there for deciding votes
(09/16 02:29:11) Sam Byard: there is a system for having a guild master I think you will all like :)
(09/16 02:29:14) Sam Byard: next
(09/16 02:29:15) [KrYaXx]: reteltee guild master?
(09/16 02:29:21) [Moderator] Lfus: D-Mom
(09/16 02:29:22) [Relayer]DMom_2000: what makes you think "average" joe/jane explorer will buy into your idea of a guild system? Also for someone new, things are confusing enough. Wouldn't this turn a lot of new folk off on the entire idea of a guild?
(09/16 02:29:37) [Moderator] Lfus: (Relayer Corps your question is next)
(09/16 02:30:29) [Relayer]DMom_2000: and what if ultimately the DRC says that is not the way it is to go?
(09/16 02:30:31) Sam Byard: I think not Dmom, looking at guild systems from other games we see complex levels of hierarchy present in low age games (e.g WoW) my guild system guarantees that anythign listen as "official guild of messengers info" can be 100% relied upon
(09/16 02:31:00) Sam Byard: in practise with simply 3 forums each with levels of access I think the guild coul operate very simply
(09/16 02:31:24) Sam Byard: the top forum wit heveryone accessing it would be for the verification process
(09/16 02:31:46) Sam Byard: the middle with lvl 1 and guild master accessing it would be for the legibility process
(09/16 02:32:11) Sam Byard: the bottom being the channeled info avaliable to all members and also anyone in a member organisation too not just people who channel info
(09/16 02:32:27) [Relayer]DMom_2000: But if I were a brand new person today, I think I would say that was too hard.....and again, what if the DRC ultimately say that that is not the way they want to go?
(09/16 02:32:29) Sam Byard: (there could be a seperate forum section for diciplinaries)
(09/16 02:33:27) Sam Byard: whatever the DRC says i will go with, the SYSTEM I put forward is just an example of achieving reliable official info withought it coming from cyan
(09/16 02:33:38) [Relayer]DMom_2000: K. thanks
(09/16 02:33:41) [Moderator] Lfus: Relayer Corps your question please..
(09/16 02:33:51) Sam Byard: initiation into the guild may require a short training process (reading a document etc.) that would simplify things
(09/16 02:34:05) Relayer Corps: Crap!
(09/16 02:34:05) Sam Byard: next
(09/16 02:34:09) Relayer Corps: I pmed it. sorry
(09/16 02:34:16) Sam Byard: yer i did that earlier :)
(09/16 02:34:17) ireenquench laughs
(09/16 02:34:22) [Moderator]moirajane: lol
(09/16 02:34:30) Sam Byard: wanna move on to the next while corps retypes
(09/16 02:34:31) [Moderator] Lfus: (Ruby your question is next)
(09/16 02:34:40) Relayer Corps: I have a problem with the average explorer not being allowed to see the raw info....
(09/16 02:34:57) Sam Byard: before you go on
(09/16 02:35:13) Sam Byard: the raw info is what they get before the info is processed by the guild
(09/16 02:35:19) Sam Byard: that info is already public domain
(09/16 02:35:27) [Moderator] Lfus: (please have your questions pretyed in)
(09/16 02:35:37) Sam Byard: the problem with the processed raw info being given out
(09/16 02:35:46) Sam Byard: is that it skips the organisations who want to give it out
(09/16 02:35:58) Sam Byard: meaninging the average explorer can also skip those organisations
(09/16 02:36:08) Sam Byard: making the organisations lose audience
(09/16 02:36:17) Relayer Corps: I also haveThey could do that now, but choose not to,.
(09/16 02:36:17) Sam Byard: if you wanna question anything there feel free
(09/16 02:36:32) Sam Byard: do what now ?
(09/16 02:36:39) Sam Byard: skip the organisations
(09/16 02:36:41) Sam Byard: ?
(09/16 02:36:49) Relayer Corps: They have access to the raw info now, but choose to go to the news groups
(09/16 02:37:10) Relayer Corps: why would they stop doing that if the guild makes the raw info available to them?
(09/16 02:37:26) Sam Byard: well yes, but if you go to the organisations its a lot more fun :) also the organisations would have access to info from the other guilds and from maybe Cyan and the drc that the public domain doesn't
(09/16 02:38:09) Sam Byard: the info from organisations as opposed to raw info is a lot more reliable as well
(09/16 02:38:09) Relayer Corps: I aslo have a problem with your belief that your customer base is proportioal to how "officail" you are percieved.
(09/16 02:38:13) Sam Byard: if this system is used
(09/16 02:38:25) Sam Byard: yer i diddn't finish writing thatbit :)
(09/16 02:38:26) Sam Byard: ok
(09/16 02:38:38) Relayer Corps: The relayers are not "officail" in any way, yet our customer base keeps growing. How do you account for that?
(09/16 02:39:47) Thend nods his head
(09/16 02:40:08) Sam Byard: I believe that your audience IS directly proportional to how official you are percieved. Reteltee has a lot more backing than you or I as he is percieved by the average explorer as official(ish) your organisation is realaying official info and is unique in that aspect which is where you have found your niche however I am talkign to the type of reporting that I do or TCT for instance...
(09/16 02:40:52) Relayer Corps nods her head
(09/16 02:40:54) Sam Byard: If i was to have Rand on my show, I would have my servers bleeding, however when I speculate myself, I get under 10 people a show. the same with TCT they get a lot more listeners if they have a cyantist interview because that is percieved as official
(09/16 02:41:10) Sam Byard: however I do congratulate you on the niche you have found :)
(09/16 02:41:24) Relayer Corps: Lol thanks, But I wasn't looking for a pat on the back.
(09/16 02:41:30) Whilyam: We are talking more than niches here, though
(09/16 02:41:34) Reteltee: Hmm
(09/16 02:41:36) [KrYaXx]: be alot easer if all the objects and machines and gadjets to do all this Guild stuff were present so that everything will operate 'In Game' as much as possible. set up the guilds as actual levels with a garseen like mechinisem that will let you pass if you have the right clearance. sigh talking like a maintainer again.
(09/16 02:41:38) Sam Byard: but as you can see from what I have said your case doesn't quite equate in what I am trying to say :)
(09/16 02:41:48) Sam Byard: next (please wait your turn kryaxx)
(09/16 02:41:57) [Moderator] Lfus: Ruby has the last question.
(09/16 02:42:03) Sam Byard: I would be interested in a question on that whily if you put it in the queue
(09/16 02:42:09) Sam Byard: yes ruby ?
(09/16 02:42:12) Ruby O'Degee: I am a member of a cavern news group. I am not a representative of that group. I am my own rep. Will I be allowed to join level g 1? Will any explorer be allowed to join at that level? I am sure i am not there no, but is it possible for an independent producer to vote at any point? Will we always be in level 2 or 3 or wherever? Why only orgs? I still don't get it. Good shows will cause ppl to watch no matter where those shows come from:)
(09/16 02:42:40) Sam Byard: now I knew this would come up :)
(09/16 02:43:05) Sam Byard: the point of lvl 1 is it is a management level with an everyday function too (multitasking !)
(09/16 02:43:15) Sam Byard: however
(09/16 02:43:20) Sam Byard: it is a VOTING council
(09/16 02:43:43) Sam Byard: if average explorers could join that, public opinion instead of logical decision could sway the vote, e.g.
(09/16 02:43:58) Ruby O'Degee: yes, and lots of us have mutli tasking experience
(09/16 02:44:22) Reteltee: Pardon the interruption; very interesting discussion tonight, thanks for inviting me. Afraid I've something else to attend to. Shorah everyone
(09/16 02:44:33) Anthony: Bye Rel
(09/16 02:44:37) Sam Byard: say for instance joe bloggs is a really funny guy, and he took some info from the lvl 2 of the guild and just posted it out through his radio broadcast with a silly comical twist on it
(09/16 02:44:37) Relayer Corps: bye Reteltee. Thanks for comibng
(09/16 02:44:43) [Relayer]DMom_2000: Night Rel, thanks for coming
(09/16 02:44:51) Sam Byard: however this info was deemed to be inaccurate
(09/16 02:44:56) Sam Byard: and he posted it as official
(09/16 02:45:05) Sam Byard: this would require a diciplinary
(09/16 02:45:17) Sam Byard: probably a small suspension on vote from lvl 1 and guild master
(09/16 02:45:23) Sam Byard: maybe 2 or 3 days
(09/16 02:45:36) Ruby O'Degee: do you not trust us pretty ordinary explorers sam? to know what to do or how to handle content?
(09/16 02:45:43) Sam Byard: however as he is a popular guy, and the coun cil has average epxlorers on the council
(09/16 02:45:59) Sam Byard: public opinion says, "give him another chance"
(09/16 02:46:03) Sam Byard: this is just one example
(09/16 02:46:19) Sam Byard: another one is that explorers within one organisation are rather likeminded in nature
(09/16 02:46:42) Ruby O'Degee: yeah, well plenty of ppl have been given lots of chances, and this is a forgiving cavern, so I think we can all be ordinary explorers and still do a good job
(09/16 02:46:44) Sam Byard: if multiple explorers from one organisation have lvl 1 positions, they may end up swaying the vote
(09/16 02:46:58) Relayer Corps agrees with Ruby
(09/16 02:47:08) Sam Byard: i'm not saying you wont be
(09/16 02:47:15) Sam Byard: but it must be a logical decision
(09/16 02:47:29) Ruby O'Degee: we are not logical? us orindary types?
(09/16 02:47:34) Sam Byard: he has broken a rule and must be diciplined out of rules otherwise the system breaks down
(09/16 02:47:49) Sam Byard: ruby please carefully read what i'm saying
(09/16 02:47:49) Ruby O'Degee: cross the bridge when you get to it?
(09/16 02:48:15) Sam Byard: if you have 1 rep from the organisation
(09/16 02:48:32) Sam Byard: they will make a decision purely on whatever they decide is right
(09/16 02:48:47) Ruby O'Degee: I am reading sam. very carefully. I have a little cav ern publishing experience myself. but I consider myself an ordinary person
(09/16 02:49:03) Sam Byard: the council members are ordinary people
(09/16 02:49:16) [KrYaXx]: we do need basic unbiased ground rules
(09/16 02:49:17) Sam Byard: I just consider it a bad idea for one organisation to have multiple votes
(09/16 02:49:29) Whilyam: 1 rep = 1 org = 1 vote vs. org members = 1 vote X number of members
(09/16 02:49:40) Ruby O'Degee: ok sam, why are they an upper level council? Why not on the cavern floor with the rest of us?
(09/16 02:49:50) Sam Byard: ...
(09/16 02:50:00) Relayer Corps: If anyone would like to forego their chance to voice their views on the GOM please just say pass when I call your name. Also, please limit your questions. This meeting is going to run REALLY long.
(09/16 02:50:00) Sam Byard: thats what I just explained ?
(09/16 02:50:21) Relayer Corps: sorry to cut this short, but we really do need to move along.
(09/16 02:50:27) Ruby O'Degee: then you are right , I am too ordinary to get it
(09/16 02:50:29) Sam Byard: they are a 1 org 1 vote council with a deciding vote for the guild master
(09/16 02:50:36) Sam Byard: ruby, your are CCN yes ?
(09/16 02:50:53) Relayer Corps: if you 2 would like to use this bevin to discuss this further after the meeting, you are welcome to.
(09/16 02:50:54) Sam Byard: wait just 2 secs corps this is a big issue in the conflict here
(09/16 02:50:56) Ruby O'Degee: I am a ccn member yes, but I am independet too
(09/16 02:51:09) Ruby O'Degee: I do not speak for CCN
(09/16 02:51:15) Sam Byard: now I know from experience that CCN is made up of like minded individuals yes ?
(09/16 02:51:23) Ruby O'Degee: I speak for my documentaries
(09/16 02:51:24) Abathyr: yes but you have both already had turns expressing your views here, maybe others have other ideas about how they see the guild
(09/16 02:51:29) Relayer Corps: yes, I realize that it is a big issue, one that will have to wait for another meeting.
(09/16 02:51:32) ireenquench wants to move on
(09/16 02:51:34) Ruby O'Degee: no, we are not liked minded
(09/16 02:51:34) Sam Byard: ok corps
(09/16 02:51:35) Relayer Corps: others are waiting to be heard.
(09/16 02:51:35) Anthony: Yes please
(09/16 02:51:40) Sam Byard: next
(09/16 02:51:40) Relayer Corps: Ty
(09/16 02:51:43) [Relayer]DMom_2000: i second that.
(09/16 02:51:47) Relayer Corps: kansi? your up!
(09/16 02:51:48) Ruby O'Degee: we are very unlike minded in fact
(09/16 02:51:54) [Moderator] Lfus: no more questions for you Sam
(09/16 02:51:58) Ruby O'Degee: lol
(09/16 02:52:00) Sam Byard: phew
(09/16 02:52:02) Relayer Corps: Lol
(09/16 02:52:05) Sam Byard: my fingers hurt
(09/16 02:52:06) Anthony: [Ruby] let us move on we have heard this all before
(09/16 02:52:18) [Relayer]DMom_2000: Welcome to our world, Sam.....
(09/16 02:52:24) [Moderator]moirajane: lol
(09/16 02:52:31) Relayer Corps: kansi?
(09/16 02:52:51) Relayer Corps: please let me know if you are busy typing.
(09/16 02:53:00) Whilyam: Peace, CCN. Peace, TCT.
(09/16 02:53:11) Sam Byard: TCT wasn't saying anything... yes
(09/16 02:53:12) Ruby O'Degee: it is a violation of my privacy to use my real name in the cavern
(09/16 02:53:14) Sam Byard: yet
(09/16 02:53:20) Relayer Corps: dakro?
(09/16 02:53:26) Ruby O'Degee: I have never been [deleted] in the cavern
(09/16 02:53:39) Ruby O'Degee: please do not use it on the forums or in the cavern !
(09/16 02:53:43) Ruby O'Degee: thank you!
(09/16 02:53:47) Whilyam: It's hard to concentrate whilst I hear spitballs flying behind my head.
(09/16 02:53:53) Relayer Corps: Dakro? Any ideas?
(09/16 02:54:03) [Moderator]moirajane: Please everyone lets stay with the format
(09/16 02:54:08) Sam Byard: Ruby I'm afraid i'm going to have to say that CCN has made threats to TCT a lot worse that just giving a real name or two remember that
(09/16 02:54:20) Sam Byard: and this isn't the place
(09/16 02:54:24) Relayer Corps: ok. That's enough!
(09/16 02:54:26) Ruby O'Degee: You really don't want to gothere sam
(09/16 02:54:32) Abathyr: please
(09/16 02:54:33) Anthony: Sorry Ruby didn't know thats just what I always saw you called at TCT when you were there
(09/16 02:54:34) Sam Byard: believe me I wont
(09/16 02:54:35) [Relayer]DMom_2000: Please....
(09/16 02:54:36) Ruby O'Degee: I am talking about myu name
(09/16 02:54:38) [Moderator] Lfus: Dakro is not present
(09/16 02:54:41) Relayer Corps: please, both of you stop so we can hear from others!
(09/16 02:54:42) ireenquench: quit the bickering please everybody, not constructive not interesting
(09/16 02:54:45) Ruby O'Degee: my birthname
(09/16 02:54:49) Relayer Corps: ireen, your next
(09/16 02:55:00) Anthony: I wont do it again here
(09/16 02:55:00) ireenquench: ok
(09/16 02:55:05) Ruby O'Degee: I will post a complaint
(09/16 02:55:05) Relayer Corps: Ty
(09/16 02:55:10) Sam Byard: feel free
(09/16 02:55:15) Ruby O'Degee: I will!
(09/16 02:55:20) Whilyam: "Stop bickering among yourselves."
(09/16 02:55:23) [Relayer]DMom_2000: May we move on, please......
(09/16 02:55:25) Anthony: please lets just stop this
(09/16 02:55:28) Sam Byard: you have no grounds
(09/16 02:55:30) [Moderator]moirajane: If you two could pm each other
(09/16 02:55:30) ireenquench: I have a diff approach
(09/16 02:55:32) Relayer Corps: that is enough, or I will post a complaint against you both!
(09/16 02:55:34) Ruby O'Degee: How would you feel whily?
(09/16 02:55:53) Ruby O'Degee: I did not use anyone's namein here
(09/16 02:55:54) [Relayer]DMom_2000: we know how both of you feel.
(09/16 02:55:56) Ruby O'Degee: I have been polite
(09/16 02:56:04) Sam Byard: I'm prepared to stop this corps
(09/16 02:56:06) [Relayer]DMom_2000: But now the meeting has stopped
(09/16 02:56:10) Sam Byard: if you could continue
(09/16 02:56:13) Relayer Corps: you are comtinuing an argument. Both of you are.

(09/16 02:56:24) Relayer Corps: ireen has the floor
(09/16 02:56:50) ireenquench: My approach is currently the following: How can the explorer be in the loop?
(09/16 02:57:04) ireenquench: explorers want different things
(09/16 02:57:19) ireenquench: some want raw info some processed
(09/16 02:57:28) [Moderator] Lfus: (If you have a question for ireenquench, please PM Moirajane with the word question... Thank you)
(09/16 02:57:44) ireenquench: some want it in the cavern others elsewhere
(09/16 02:58:14) ireenquench: how can different types of formats be dvelopped that accomodate different types of explorers
(09/16 02:58:29) ireenquench: first of all, much more has to be available in the cavern
(09/16 02:58:54) ireenquench: many explorers come here and want to catch up
(09/16 02:59:01) Relayer Corps nods her head
(09/16 02:59:02) ireenquench: relaying is good
(09/16 02:59:07) ireenquench: but we need more
(09/16 02:59:11) Relayer Corps: But limited
(09/16 02:59:31) ireenquench: we need for people who link down a little later to be able to catch up
(09/16 02:59:59) ireenquench: without them having to know all the folks that are in the loop, just nay explorer even the quietest one
(09/16 03:00:10) [Relayer]DMom_2000 nods her head
(09/16 03:00:13) ireenquench: needs to know where to go to get his news
(09/16 03:00:22) Finn Dove nods his head
(09/16 03:00:44) ireenquench: aside from surface formats, i think the cavern formats need most work currently
(09/16 03:00:54) Relayer Corps nods her head
(09/16 03:00:55) ireenquench: unfprtunately the KI is limited
(09/16 03:01:14) ireenquench: but it works allright for now
(09/16 03:01:27) ireenquench: imagers work too, mostly
(09/16 03:02:07) ireenquench: I dont want to make this any longer now... but I belive a key is to get together in grops and develop those cavern formats
(09/16 03:02:37) ireenquench: on organizing and structure
(09/16 03:03:03) ireenquench: I am not good at thinking up big plans
(09/16 03:03:12) ireenquench: I cant see that far ahead
(09/16 03:03:19) Relayer Corps: Lol
(09/16 03:03:22) [Relayer]DMom_2000 claps her hands
(09/16 03:03:29) Anthony: I agree that that end needs the most work
(09/16 03:03:41) Anthony: Its a tough area to get right
(09/16 03:03:41) ireenquench: and i think its currently not even necessary to come up with these meta structures
(09/16 03:03:52) [Relayer]DMom_2000 nods her head
(09/16 03:04:04) ireenquench: I think structures can evolve aroud the formats for now
(09/16 03:04:26) From Relayer Corps: let us know when you are finished please
(09/16 03:04:54) ireenquench: formats work certain ways, becuase of technicalities , the needs of the consumers, and the abilities and ideas of the messanging folks
(09/16 03:05:24) ireenquench: these formats shout be the base of which structures evolve for now... let the people develop them
(09/16 03:05:55) ireenquench: so I think the next step would be to have a gathering...to brainstorm about formats
(09/16 03:06:10) ireenquench: both from the messengers and the consumers perspective
(09/16 03:06:23) Relayer Corps nods her head
(09/16 03:06:28) [Relayer]DMom_2000 nods her head
(09/16 03:06:34) ireenquench: and then start working on them, even if some things may be an experiment
(09/16 03:06:42) ireenquench: and it will go from there
(09/16 03:06:45) ireenquench: done
(09/16 03:06:49) [Moderator] Lfus: Sam Byard your question please...
(09/16 03:06:53) Sam Byard: I was wondering if your idea of having a means of new explorers seeing where to get the info would be by goign to the guild of messengers, and then having a list of links to the "official" members. This could not just be encorporated into my plan but many plans. Do you see this working ? also, I think meta structure is needed to show the need for the council. (but thats not a question :) )
(09/16 03:06:54) [Relayer]DMom_2000 claps her hands
(09/16 03:07:44) ireenquench: yes... links would be good as well... but I dont want them to have to go to a website
(09/16 03:08:04) Sam Byard: hood imager or KI to all explorers could work...
(09/16 03:08:14) Sam Byard: i didn't specify website ;)
(09/16 03:08:31) ireenquench: yes... just a place for news
(09/16 03:08:49) Relayer Corps: thend? Your up!
(09/16 03:08:57) Thend: Okay...
(09/16 03:09:01) ireenquench: it could also have live people in there , who pass on ki mail, answer news related questions, point to other news sorces
(09/16 03:09:11) ireenquench: next
(09/16 03:09:22) [Moderator] Lfus: no more questions ireen
(09/16 03:09:32) ireenquench wipes her forehead
(09/16 03:09:37) Sam Byard: of course, :) maybe somewhere saying though that the highest quality reporting would come from the websites of the members tho :)
(09/16 03:09:43) [Moderator]moirajane: lol
(09/16 03:09:54) Relayer Corps: thend?
(09/16 03:09:55) Thend: I think many of the services avaialbe through organizations here could have a Cavern equivalent...
(09/16 03:10:03) Sam Byard: just something alluding to the fact that there is more content avaliable outside of the cavern too
(09/16 03:10:12) Relayer Corps: sam, It's Thends turn
(09/16 03:10:26) Sam Byard: sorry :)
(09/16 03:10:34) [Moderator] Lfus: (If you have a question for Thend, please PM Moirajane with the word question... thanks)
(09/16 03:10:36) Sam Byard: trying to sneak that in but he talked :)
(09/16 03:11:00) Thend: The whole point of what is done on web is certered around the Cavern anyway, and as ireen said, many, many folks just come down here to be filled in, not to just be pointed back to where they came from, a weblink...
(09/16 03:11:28) Relayer Corps: Lol
(09/16 03:12:36) Thend: I can see podcasts, radio stuff, newsletters, interviews, etc, being produced down here as a show, events, drawing more people in. Much of the services are 'preaching to the converted', we need new explorers in the Cavern, and when they get here, to find info and that it's an interesting place....
(09/16 03:13:16) Thend: At best, folks will like these In-Cavern shows' content and check out the larger amount of stuff in their leisure on the Surface
(09/16 03:13:36) Thend: I wanna mention some stuff from my own experience...
(09/16 03:14:35) Thend: KI Chain, started on the fly, filled a need las t episode, was not complicated, had to be over=talked - just got ireen in the loop and did the thing, and folks, from what I hear, responded favorably...
(09/16 03:14:59) Thend: See a need, fill it...
(09/16 03:15:00) Relayer Corps nods her head
(09/16 03:15:28) Thend: Another thing. It wasn't ONLY to keep explorers in the loop down here, but to empower each and every one...
(09/16 03:15:53) [Relayer]DMom_2000 nods her head
(09/16 03:15:55) jumpingjackflash claps for KI toons
(09/16 03:16:10) Thend: I've heard alotta talk about how 'regular' explorers are just that, somehow seperate from the 'organization'...
(09/16 03:16:21) [Relayer]DMom_2000 thinks we need a way to get KI toons on KI mail
(09/16 03:16:27) Relayer Corps nods her head
(09/16 03:16:45) Thend: Thing is, I think that those same explorers have the same views as the organizations sometimes do of them, too...
(09/16 03:17:31) Thend: With KI Cahain, EVERy expolorer participated, who wished to. To my mind, and I say officially under the Explorers Appreciation Society (EASY, aka Slipcrackers...
(09/16 03:18:10) Thend: That they are NOW and 'organization' as well, and thus deserve equal representation, if one chooses to look at explorers as seperate in any way...
(09/16 03:18:46) Relayer Corps nods her head
(09/16 03:19:09) Thend: This hierchy thing - the DRC will impose that. We need, as ireen said again, to see how we can SERVE the Cavern,IN-Cavern. Nothing more...
(09/16 03:19:20) [Relayer] Kerryth claps her hands
(09/16 03:19:24) [Relayer]DMom_2000 claps her hands
(09/16 03:19:31) Relayer Corps claps her hands
(09/16 03:19:55) [Moderator]moirajane: (If you have a question or comment for Thend, please PM me with the word "Qeustion")
(09/16 03:20:00) Thend: Popularity, and one thing becoming the norm over another? Hah. I started out with nothing there way back, but my method hasn't chanegd at all...
(09/16 03:20:43) Thend: I saw stuff that I wanted to see, and talked to enough folks In-Cavern and saw that it might be something THEY wanted to see as well, and so just did it...
(09/16 03:21:09) Thend: You can't forcefeed anything here. It's a mistake to think otherwise...
(09/16 03:21:15) Relayer Corps nods her head
(09/16 03:21:47) Thend: People gravitate to what they wish, that's choice, free-market, Non-monopoly...
(09/16 03:22:37) Thend: This is not to say that you don't need to put in a lot of effort to get things done, like a newsboy on a street corner yelling 'EXTREE EXTREE!'
(09/16 03:23:05) Thend: But if it's not something folks want, then you can't become a nuisance either...
(09/16 03:24:39) Thend: That's about it. Everything I've experienced has gone this way, for the most part. See what is missing, fill it, if it's as needed as you think, it'll be picked up...
(09/16 03:24:56) [Moderator]moirajane: Sam has the first question
(09/16 03:25:11) Thend: Just bring it back to the Cavern. I'm all talked out now lol Next?
(09/16 03:25:16) Sam Byard: for reliable and sustainable in-cavern news cyan would have to implement a quick dilevery system so a chain or other sorts could be activated queickly withought too much effort (otherwise losing sustainability) what sort of implimentations do you see working on a quick timescale ?
(09/16 03:25:25) Sam Byard: that is what I call short too
(09/16 03:26:10) Sam Byard: i refer to sustainability as the process in which explorers running the system dont have to put so much effort in that its unfeasible and not sustainable
(09/16 03:26:17) Thend: Sam, what news do you refer to? KI Chain was a test-run, but at best, it was updated in real-time, by me or ireen
(09/16 03:26:47) Sam Byard: maybe videos in cavern or a quick KI messege dispersal system
(09/16 03:27:38) [Moderator]moirajane: Anthony has the next question
(09/16 03:27:41) Anthony: How would you deal with things like production level of TCT or the Archiver? The production quality of the both TCT and the Archiver rely on some specialised tools that would not translate in to the cavern very well so what would you do there?
(09/16 03:27:57) Thend: I, and any organization out there, can NOT do it without EVERYone in the Cavern watching their back and being empowered
(09/16 03:28:43) Thend: (mistyped Sam' response-) Nothing is quicker than the explorers themselves with something they like and wish to promote
(09/16 03:28:55) Thend: Anthony...
(09/16 03:29:36) [Moderator]moirajane: DMom you are up
(09/16 03:29:39) [Relayer]DMom_2000: do you think your KI Chain this episode helped empower a lot of explorers? They got it from someone and it was something they could do for others by passing it on....they in turn empowered others don't you think?
(09/16 03:29:43) [Moderator]moirajane: sorry
(09/16 03:30:35) Thend: I'd say news blips, text and/or shows that are held in the Cavern, recitations, etc. KI Chain, and especially any Imager-based KI Chain, by necessity, have to be pared down to the bare bones. Do the same, get the most important, succinct, content together, broadcast that one way or anotheer directly down here
(09/16 03:30:36) [Moderator]moirajane: I am sorry Thend
(09/16 03:31:25) Thend: If folks wanna follow it up on the web, well, they are now informed, and have the choice to ask around In-Cavern, AND go to the sites
(09/16 03:33:05) Thend: Dudemom, I watched carefully the KI Chain progression from a lot of perspectives, knowing the discussions that go on here, and for my own research and In-Cavern focus. Yes, I think it empowered many, I got many, many positive responses and thanks. I could have even done more, and will next Busy Week, but the test-run was a success
(09/16 03:33:48) Relayer Corps: Linville, your up.
(09/16 03:33:55) [Relayer]DMom_2000: Do you think your KI Chain this episode helped eI sent out that KI Chain and got many positive responses and even though I didnt originate it, I felt good about doing it
(09/16 03:33:55) Linville: I tend to agree with Ruby's, Thend's and Ireen's views. I think we need to step back and remember we are talking MESSENGERS, not controllers of information....
(09/16 03:34:08) Relayer Corps: sorry, Looks like I jumped the gun
(09/16 03:34:28) Relayer Corps: Maybe not.
(09/16 03:34:32) [Relayer]DMom_2000: Sorry didnt delete all the previous....
(09/16 03:34:38) Relayer Corps: Lol
(09/16 03:34:47) [Relayer]DMom_2000: Just commenting about how the KI Chain worked well...ok I am done..
(09/16 03:34:53) Relayer Corps: Ok
(09/16 03:35:12) jumpingjackflash: news letter vs newspaper
(09/16 03:35:12) Relayer Corps: linville, do you have anything more to add to your statwement?
(09/16 03:35:28) Linville: The GoM by it name in the scantioned "new source."
(09/16 03:36:00) Linville: Independents should be viewed as resources.
(09/16 03:36:22) [Moderator]moirajane: (If you have a question or comment for Linville please pm me with the word "question")
(09/16 03:36:34) Thend: Personally, if I don't see something getting done that benefits explorers and the Cavern, especially In-Cavern, I will do it regardless of any Guild, etc
(09/16 03:37:30) Thend: But if the Guilds move in that direction, involving everyone, keeping everyone in the loop, bringing people in and interest up - then cool all around :)
(09/16 03:37:35) Linville: The vehicles of compling, collecting and distributing info will be a big task alone without trying to control other sources.
(09/16 03:37:39) Thend: Next
(09/16 03:37:58) Thend: How so Linville?
(09/16 03:38:47) Linville: How so to what?
(09/16 03:39:04) Thend: The control other resources thing
(09/16 03:39:44) Abathyr is confused
(09/16 03:39:44) Linville: Oh, I don't agree with controlling other sources.
(09/16 03:39:50) Thend: (Oh shoot, I was taking that as a question, missed a block of chat - sorry, sorry!)
(09/16 03:40:05) Anthony: lol
(09/16 03:40:47) Linville: How we do this is what this group is for. it's a beginning step.
(09/16 03:40:52) Linville: Next
(09/16 03:41:10) [Moderator]moirajane: are there any more comments for Linville?
(09/16 03:41:21) [Moderator]moirajane: Next speaker then

(09/16 03:41:40) Relayer Corps: krYaXx
(09/16 03:41:43) Relayer Corps: Your up
(09/16 03:41:49) Veralun: I like to see a GOM inwhere as much as possible talents in the Cavern have the oppertunity to work in the Gom.That starts already with the start. Now the start is with a small group coming from organisations. I think that was a wrong start because you will miss a lot of good and qualified ppl to form a Guild. Better was to call those ppl who are interested in founding a GOM and not inviting organisations. So I like to see a start with all possible interested ppl. Voting etc should........
(09/16 03:41:58) Veralun: oops sorry
(09/16 03:42:04) Relayer Corps: Lol
(09/16 03:42:06) Veralun: to early
(09/16 03:42:09) Sam Byard: i feel your pain in that one Veralun
(09/16 03:42:16) [Moderator]moirajane: ooh me too
(09/16 03:42:50) Whilyam: I'll have to pass voicing my idea here as it's late. Goodnight, all.
(09/16 03:42:54) Relayer Corps: krYaXx, your up
(09/16 03:43:04) Relayer Corps: sorry, they left
(09/16 03:43:11) [Moderator]moirajane: I think he is gone
(09/16 03:43:13) Relayer Corps: whilyam
(09/16 03:43:17) Relayer Corps: Your up
(09/16 03:43:27) [Relayer]DMom_2000: he is gone
(09/16 03:43:36) Sam Byard: whily passed
(09/16 03:43:46) Whilyam: My turn
(09/16 03:43:50) [Moderator]moirajane: i told him to come back1
(09/16 03:43:50) Whilyam: ?
(09/16 03:43:51) jumpingjackflash: lol
(09/16 03:43:52) [Relayer]DMom_2000: oh he is back!
(09/16 03:43:58) [Relayer]DMom_2000: thought you left Whily!
(09/16 03:44:02) [Relayer]DMom_2000: wb!
(09/16 03:44:03) [Relayer]DMom_2000: lol
(09/16 03:44:04) [Moderator]moirajane: Yes your turn to speak
(09/16 03:44:07) Veralun: sorry ppl I have to go
(09/16 03:44:10) Relayer Corps: whilyam, what is your idea for the GOM?
(09/16 03:44:15) Whilyam: Alright...
(09/16 03:44:23) Relayer Corps: we'll see you later Veralun.
(09/16 03:44:24) Veralun: I waited long enough, but I need some sleep
(09/16 03:44:24) [Relayer]DMom_2000: night Veralun, thanks for coming
(09/16 03:44:26) Relayer Corps: thanks for coming
(09/16 03:44:42) Relayer Corps: sorry Veralun
(09/16 03:44:47) Veralun: forget my opinion
(09/16 03:44:47) Whilyam: Keep in mind this is from someone who neither belongs to the messengers nor the member orgs.
(09/16 03:45:26) Whilyam: When I first weighed in on this pre-guild, I believed that reps from each group forming essential rules they had learned over the years would be best.
(09/16 03:45:49) Whilyam: However, I saw a remarkable thing in the Writers preguild that I think could help here.
(09/16 03:46:23) Whilyam: It would be painful, but it would also forge a tigher community and give this pre-guild a more powerful voice.
(09/16 03:46:50) Whilyam: Quite simply, I saw that the various age-building orgs were going to freely and without discussion, dissolve.
(09/16 03:47:15) Whilyam: To destroy all bonds they had to their old organizations and become the one Guild of Writers.
(09/16 03:47:21) Relayer Corps cringes
(09/16 03:47:24) Relayer Corps: Lol
(09/16 03:47:48) Whilyam: Obviously this isn't as simple for the messengers.
(09/16 03:48:34) Whilyam: However, if it could be done many issues of finding info would be gone.
(09/16 03:48:39) [Relayer]DMom_2000: (please pm [Relayer]DMom_2000 with your word question to get on the list)
(09/16 03:49:10) Whilyam: No thousand and one forums to find info at for one.
(09/16 03:50:02) Whilyam: It would also unite those who supported the guild in a single group that had as many opinions in it as it could. Open to all with no reps, liaisons, or organizations.
(09/16 03:50:48) Whilyam: That is all.
(09/16 03:50:54) [Relayer]DMom_2000: Sam you are up
(09/16 03:50:54) Whilyam: And now I really do have to go...
(09/16 03:51:07) Thend says hey
(09/16 03:51:10) Relayer Corps: Do you have time for questions Whilyam?
(09/16 03:51:16) Sam Byard: I'd like to use as a point of reference that hte age building community comes from alcugs where they were all as one body, they then split of to form seperate organisations however each organisation contained mostly the same membership as the original one. Taking that into account WHY do you push on the guild of messengers organisations destroying everything they have worked so hard to build, licenses, legal permission EVERYTHING !
(09/16 03:51:25) Sam Byard: 5 lines !!
(09/16 03:51:55) Sam Byard cringes
(09/16 03:51:57) Whilyam: Sam, whatever it may be ... Watson told me you're wrong... you're destroying the spirit of Uru... evil evil evil... that sums it up. (kidding... :P)
(09/16 03:51:57) Relayer Corps: sam, he is not pushing
(09/16 03:52:02) Relayer Corps: he is explaining his ideas
(09/16 03:52:24) Whilyam: I agree it's not the most efficient Sam
(09/16 03:52:33) Whilyam: But I don't think we should look for efficient.
(09/16 03:52:39) jumpingjackflash offers sam some chamomile tea
(09/16 03:52:39) Sam Byard: I use pushing as a term because its not the first time whily said it thats all, there is no enforcing involved
(09/16 03:53:04) Relayer Corps: Et tu Sam
(09/16 03:53:06) Whilyam: I think we should look to what would include new people the best... and this is what I came up with..
(09/16 03:53:14) Whilyam bows
(09/16 03:53:19) Whilyam: Time to go.
(09/16 03:53:22) Relayer Corps: any other questions?
(09/16 03:53:23) [Relayer]DMom_2000: thank you Whily nicely said.
(09/16 03:53:23) Sam Byard: bye
(09/16 03:53:29) Relayer Corps: bye Whilyam
(09/16 03:53:30) Anthony: bye Whil
(09/16 03:53:32) Whilyam snaps his fingers and bursts into flames
(09/16 03:53:35) [Relayer]DMom_2000: night Whily
(09/16 03:53:39) Relayer Corps: asobe, your next.
(09/16 03:53:42) Asobe: I dont have as much as i would like to spend here..so i have a stuctural sugestion. a job list.... Field eye , listener, relayer ,guild joint.a field eye would report when they see to their desgnated listener, is something any mes can do which would give you many eyes. for the more dedicated the lister listens to the field eyes and filters the news to give to relayers for broadcast...And guild joints to keep info flowin between guilds. space limited i have more thoughts-;realtime simple fast
(09/16 03:54:03) Anthony: lol
(09/16 03:54:19) Relayer Corps: Lol
(09/16 03:54:26) [Relayer]DMom_2000: (pls pm me with the word question)
(09/16 03:54:31) Sam Byard: concise and to the point
(09/16 03:54:46) Relayer Corps: Nice. Any questions?
(09/16 03:54:51) Asobe: You could even have levels of eyes
(09/16 03:55:04) Asobe: like casual eyes and trusted eyes
(09/16 03:55:39) Asobe: trusteds get through the listeners faster
(09/16 03:56:16) Relayer Corps: any questions?
(09/16 03:56:26) Relayer Corps: jumpingjack, your next
(09/16 03:56:53) Anthony: not here?
(09/16 03:56:59) Relayer Corps: Sorry
(09/16 03:57:02) Relayer Corps: Petfam
(09/16 03:57:15) Relayer Corps: Your up
(09/16 03:58:00) Relayer Corps: please let me know if you are typing.
(09/16 03:58:06) Relayer Corps: Lol
(09/16 03:58:12) Sam Byard: I'm typing but its not to you :)
(09/16 03:58:17) Relayer Corps: Rotfl
(09/16 03:58:21) Relayer Corps: i meant petfam
(09/16 03:58:28) Anthony: lol
(09/16 03:58:29) Sam Byard: all i can say to that
(09/16 03:58:29) Thend starts to laugh
(09/16 03:58:33) Sam Byard: O'RLY
(09/16 03:58:49) Anthony: good to let things lighten up a bit
(09/16 03:58:54) Relayer Corps: anthony. Your up
(09/16 03:58:58) Anthony: ok
(09/16 03:59:49) Anthony: Alright every one you know me pretty well I've been working on this stuff for a while and before that and now TCT
(09/16 04:00:07) Anthony: My plan is from the rep one
(09/16 04:00:43) Anthony: I'm going to give a general idea but paint in a few of the detail so that you have a clearer view
(09/16 04:00:47) [Relayer]DMom_2000: (pls pm me with the word question if you want to ask a question)
(09/16 04:00:56) Anthony: OK
(09/16 04:01:04) [Relayer]DMom_2000: not you anthony you are up
(09/16 04:01:05) [Relayer]DMom_2000: lol
(09/16 04:01:14) Anthony: I know lol
(09/16 04:01:27) Relayer Corps: Brb
(09/16 04:01:47) Relayer Corps: (Finn Dove is up after the questions for Anthony)
(09/16 04:01:59) Anthony: The system would have a administerative council I stress administerative not any real power
(09/16 04:02:24) Anthony: handles day to day stuff to keep it running
(09/16 04:03:04) Relayer Corps: Back
(09/16 04:03:24) Anthony: groups would get to pick an equal number of reps so that there is equallity in the guild I do not wish to see any body
09/16 04:03:58) Anthony: trying to get more power just because there group has more members that would be a disaster in the end
(09/16 04:04:08) Anthony: now as for the indies
(09/16 04:04:18) Anthony: and nongroupers
(09/16 04:04:50) Anthony: they would still get there ablity to be in the guild
(09/16 04:05:11) Anthony: I propose a system where they are in a way treated as a group
(09/16 04:05:26) Anthony: they get to have a rep and put it on the council too
(09/16 04:06:18) Anthony: now you might say how can this work they are indy and don't want to be grouped or the rep will be unfair as there will be so many
(09/16 04:07:15) Anthony: but they will not be forced to be a group only to have a rep they can freely keep going on there independant ways
(09/16 04:08:13) Anthony: and we can add reps for them or devide them up based on there focus and have a rep for each focus.
(09/16 04:09:20) Anthony: the guild could also have direct reporters to get the news if it wish
(09/16 04:10:13) Anthony: The point of this all is I desire a system that will encourage diversity in the cavern one that says hey you want to do that we can help you get there
(09/16 04:11:23) Anthony: not hey we are the guild and the beginning and ending of news or we wish to keep you out so we can maintain our control
(09/16 04:12:17) Anthony: the plan of the council system is to avoid such thing it keeps power diffuse and equal so that noone can try and collect it up
(09/16 04:13:16) Anthony: its a system to be inclusive the guild has nochoice if someone or a group joins if they are doing info
(09/16 04:14:40) Anthony: Its a system that tries to take the best the cavern has to offer and collect and put together in a way to helps the community rather then the silos the info is in now
(09/16 04:14:57) Anthony: its there to try and do the best for the community
(09/16 04:15:03) Anthony: ok I'm done
(09/16 04:15:09) Relayer Corps: any questions?
(09/16 04:15:18) [Moderator]moirajane: no
(09/16 04:15:20) Relayer Corps: finn Dove? Your up.
(09/16 04:15:23) Finn Dove: speaking as someone without any ties to any existing news organizations, as just an average explorer who wants to help - I would like to see the guild pull together all the disparate news sources and make them easily accessible to the explorers, and I would like to see especially an in-cavern newstand, or primitive equivelent (Kichain) until such a newstand could be made to exist. I don't need a guild to accumulate the news and offer a central dissemination point.
(09/16 04:15:52) Finn Dove: THere's a lot of amazing work being done out there now and I would not want the guild to discourage or interfere with any of it.
(09/16 04:15:54) Relayer Corps: Any questions?
(09/16 04:16:16) [Moderator]moirajane: no
(09/16 04:16:17) Relayer Corps: Tyion. You finally get your turn.
(09/16 04:16:20) Finn Dove: I'd hope the guild would act more like a registry for all of that, and focus on in-cavern news which is the piece missing.
(09/16 04:16:37) Relayer Corps: Sorry Finn. I thought you were done
(09/16 04:16:46) Finn Dove: :-) ok, now I am.
(09/16 04:16:58) Relayer Corps: lol ok. Tyion, now it's your turn
(09/16 04:17:19) Relayer Corps: Tyion? You awake?
(09/16 04:17:33) Relayer Corps: Do the moderators what to put their 2 cents worth in?
(09/16 04:17:54) [Moderator]moirajane: no
(09/16 04:17:56) Relayer Corps: lol
(09/16 04:17:59) [Moderator]moirajane: lol
(09/16 04:18:09) Relayer Corps: I want to thank everyone for coming and giving their input
(09/16 04:18:17) Sam Byard: its been a long one :)
(09/16 04:18:18) Relayer Corps: This will give us all a lot to think about.
(09/16 04:18:23) [Relayer]DMom_2000 nods her head
(09/16 04:18:26) [Moderator]moirajane cheers
(09/16 04:18:33) ireenquench yawns
(09/16 04:18:36) Thend: Can I mention one last thing?
(09/16 04:18:36) [Relayer] Kerryth claps her hands
(09/16 04:18:42) Relayer Corps: Hopefully, this meeting will help bring us all together.
(09/16 04:18:54) Sam Byard: i've got a full log, anyone else planing on posting so i dont have to stay up another 3 hours editing
(09/16 04:19:08) Relayer Corps: Thank you all for coming and I thank those that were able to stay for the whole meeting.
(09/16 04:19:11) [Moderator]moirajane: thanks everyone for being such a great group
(09/16 04:19:20) Relayer Corps nods her head
(09/16 04:19:41) Relayer Corps: Does anyone have any final comments to make?
(09/16 04:19:42) Sam Byard: everyone want me to edit this ?
(09/16 04:19:51) Sam Byard: and post it up on MOUL guild forums
(09/16 04:19:57) Relayer Corps: not necessarily
(09/16 04:19:59) ireenquench: Relayer Corps, you posting the log ?
(09/16 04:20:11) Relayer Corps: I will post it Ireen
(09/16 04:20:15) Sam Byard: phew
(09/16 04:20:17) Sam Byard: relief
(09/16 04:20:19) Relayer Corps: as soon as we are done
(09/16 04:20:20) Anthony: lol
(09/16 04:20:25) Sam Byard: can you leave the whole thing in please...
(09/16 04:20:31) Sam Byard: just take out hood and PM ?
(09/16 04:20:38) [Moderator]moirajane: We told several who asked it would be on Relayercorps.org
(09/16 04:20:39) ireenquench: could you edit out Ahvrees name ? she feels strongly about this
(09/16 04:20:43) Relayer Corps: I will only edit the relayer chatter
(09/16 04:20:51) Relayer Corps: I will
(09/16 04:20:52) Thend: I just wanted to echo Lord Chaos' thing about a central website, all links to all oiur web things in little banner ads on homepage. In-Cavern productions tagged at end with the address. I tjhink anything we do int Caver, first, will only help folks know there's also our stuff out there oin the web, more than they do now, and they might check it out - so it helps all areas, that's it :)
(09/16 04:20:56) ireenquench: ty
(09/16 04:21:00) Relayer Corps: I will try to catch it all for her
(09/16 04:21:00) Sam Byard: ireen she posts that on forums...
(09/16 04:21:17) Sam Byard: but w/e
(09/16 04:21:24) Thend: And I wanna thanks the Relayers and everyone for being so cool tonight, and thanks fro the interesting discussions :)
(09/16 04:21:35) ireenquench: no her real real name, ahvree or ruby is fine as I understand
(09/16 04:21:47) Sam Byard: i'm talking about her real name...
(09/16 04:21:54) Relayer Corps: I'm glad we had such a great turn ouyt
(09/16 04:21:57) Thend nods his head
(09/16 04:21:58) ireenquench: sam no, that is private
(09/16 04:22:03) Anthony: I still find that weird she used it at TCT
(09/16 04:22:21) Relayer Corps: Doesn't matter. I will respect her wishes
(09/16 04:22:21) Thend: Very productive, IMO
(09/16 04:22:26) ireenquench: that was back when under different circumstances
(09/16 04:22:26) [Relayer]DMom_2000: well, who wants to go to Karaoke night?
(09/16 04:22:32) Anthony: but oh well I will be more careful in the future
(09/16 04:22:33) Thend: (This meting)
(09/16 04:22:41) Relayer Corps: Thanks again everyone. I';m going to post the log now.
(09/16 04:22:52) Sam Byard: great
(09/16 04:22:52) [Moderator]moirajane: I do mom :)
(09/16 04:22:56) [Moderator]moirajane: lol
(09/16 04:23:04) [Moderator]moirajane: bye all
(09/16 04:23:05) [Relayer]DMom_2000: I am going to change into my main avie for that see you there
(09/16 04:23:07) [Relayer] Kerryth: And I will say good night.
(09/16 04:23:09) [Relayer]DMom_2000: night all!
(09/16 04:23:13) [Relayer] Kerryth waves goodbye
(09/16 04:23:15) Thend waves goodbye
(09/16 04:23:15) ireenquench: night all
(09/16 04:23:23) Sam Byard: my god... that was the most URUy day I ever had
(09/16 04:23:24) ireenquench: I am sooo tired
(09/16 04:23:25) Linville: Good Night!
(09/16 04:23:31) Sam Byard: myst tree meetup then a 4 hour meeting
(09/16 04:23:37) ireenquench waves hello
(09/16 04:23:43) ireenquench: um
(09/16 04:23:45) ireenquench: i mean
(09/16 04:23:45) Sam Byard waves goodbye
(09/16 04:23:48) ireenquench waves goodbye

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